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Donner Lake is a remarkable place to rent a boat. And with us you can do it from just about anywhere on the lake. Including any end, your private vacation home, rental, or anywhere. Just let us know and that’s where we’ll meet you.

Don’t forget about some of the important things to remember when boating.

  • Winds can come up very quickly. Know the weather. 
  • No wake zones 200 ft to shore or swim zones. 
  • Travel in a counter clockwise direction around Donner Lake.
  • Look for buoys typically stay towards the lake. many buoys read danger shore ward. if you don’t know stay clear and use a spotter for obstacles in the water.
  • Children under 13 years of age must wear life jackets at all times when boating.
  • Use bumpers when docking, and store them when not in use.
  • If the boat is in danger of bumping other obstacles use a paddle or pole to fend off such obstacles never get your body in between the boat and other obstacles.
  • Power boats always yield to sail boats, large ships, paddlers, and swimmers. be polite give as much distance as possible to all boaters. check safety card on board for other etiquette specifications.
  • operators must have and know the locations of Life jackets, type IV flotation device, horn, fire extinguisher, swimmer flag, registration, Battery location, fuel location, kill switch.
  • Know what the trim button is and how it is used. never run the engine with the propeller out of the water.
  • Make sure the engine is off when ever some body is near the boat in the water.
  • make sure the swim ladder is up when the engine is on.
  • Steering wheel works like a car. There are no brakes. The boat has forward neutral and reverse.
  • it is very important to disperse the weight on the boat so that there is not too much in the front causing the boat to take unnecessary waves over the bow. trim can also be used to aid this situation.
  • If the engine comes out of the water due to high wave or bad weight disbursement it will rev and possibly break. Slow down, check your weight disbursement try and keep the bow up, and approach the waves at a 20-45 degree angle typically.