Boat rental Locations:

Boat rental locations for Donner party cruises. Tahoe city, North Shore Lake Tahoe, East Shore Lake Tahoe, West Shore Lake Tahoe

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Donner Party Cruises will pick you up anywhere. 

Please keep in mind when meeting at a location that has any kind of commercial activity already existing they request that we do all of our Paperwork and Payment activity out on the public water as to not interrupt any of there daily operations.
They thank you for your respectfulness!




Donner Party Cruises prides ourselves on Making this rental process as easy as possible for you. That being said we will do our best to pick you up at the easiest and nearest boat rental location for you. We try not to interfere will other business at already existing locations, such as marinas that offer the same products that we do. Fortunately for us we offer a slightly different product much of the time. Also depending on the current water levels some places are not accessible all of the time. If this is the case we will  call you before your boat rental and try and arrange another location that is suitable for every one.

Boat rental locations include but are not limited to these boat rental locations. Tahoe City, Dollar Hill, Carnelian Bay, Agate Bay, Tahoe Vista, Donner, Prosser, Stampede, Boca, Serene, Kings Beach, Northstar, Brockway, Crystal Bay, Incline Village, Sand Harbor, East shore, North Shore, West Shore, South Shore, Skunk Harbor, Chimney Beach, Secret Beach, Nude Beach, Glenbrook, Zepyhr Cove, Roundhill Pines, Nevada Beach, South Lake Tahoe, Reagan Beach, Ski Run, Bear Beach, Tahoe Keys, Camp Richardson, Kiva Beach, Pope Beach, Emerald Bay, Wiskey Cove, Dl Bliss, Rubicon Bay, Meeks Bay, Chambers Landing, Homewood, Hurricane Bay, Sunnyside. and basically anywhere else we can squeeze our boats in.

If there is any thing that we can do for you please do not hesitate to ask!